Prevention measure

The origins of water damage and excessive water bills are numerous. The most frequents are due to :

  • Aging of freezing pipes
  • Water overflows from washing machines
  • Leaking toilet flushes
  • Garden watering left on

Many of these water damages could be avoided by installing an automatic water switch-breaker. It detects all types of leaks and turns off the water as soon as an abnormal flow of water has been detected.

40% of disasters covered by the residential insurance policy are associated to damage raised by water.

Following a study conducted by the UN, Canadians use daily 5 times more water than the regular consumption. Their daily consumption is 329 liters, twice more than Europeans.

Canadians are the second largest consumers of water after the Americans.

Dipping tap or leaking toilet waste approximately 14% of the water used in the house. This represents a loss varying from 140 to 680liters of water per day depending the outflow speed.

With our system, it is possible to reduce the waste.