The first monitoring system to detect and to stop water leak.

  • The monitoring and control of water consumption

    DIAGNOSTIC NEEDS: better water manage

    => To limit water consumption.

    => To centralize water supply.

    => Environmental gait.

  • Application for residential housing, commercial and industrial buildings, cities, hospitals.

  • Centralized and monitoring water consumption.

  • Leak detection and burst pipe.

Welcome to Hydro-Link.

Hydro-link is the leader in North America for monitoring and control water consumption.

It is our interest to improve our control towards the water.

Hydro-Link’s aim is to detect water leaks, avoid waste of water and product water consumption.

Our product is unique to stop water leaks; the SWF system detects water leaks and automatically shuts-off the water supply.

Hydro-Link offers a range of products which enable real time remote transmission on water consumption.

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By David Suzuki :
No one can live without water. We like to think we're blessed with an abundance of clean water in Canada, but we really don't have a much larger sustainable supply of water than most places.

40% of disasters covered by the residential insurance policy are associated to damage raised by water.

By David Suzuki :
We can only sustainably use the amount that runs off on land. What we do to the environment — and not just to the water itself — affects everything from the amount of water we have to the quality of our water supplies.